Large scale civil disobedience by Extinction Rebellion during an internatioal mother's day march against government inaction on th climate crisis

about extinction rebellion Guildford

The Extinction Rebellion movement is the mass mobilisation of people from all walks of life who are concerned about the global climate and ecological crisis.

XR Guildford is made up of regular people tackling the climate emergency. Despite 30 years of warning from the United Nations and the entire credible scientific community, the changes that are needed to protect our futures, our children, and our planet have not been adopted by our governments. 


As one of the wealthiest counties in the UK we feel that our councils should be leading the fight against climate breakdown. 

But despite Surrey County Council (SCC) declaring a climate emergency (under pressure from Extinction Rebellion), they continue to grant new licenses for oil drilling, and refuse to divest Surrey pension funds from fossil fuels - putting all Surrey residents livelihoods at risk as the threat of fossil fuel investments becoming 'stranded' accelerates. 

They have shown their policies to be completely incompatible with upholding the Paris Climate Accord. Whilst Surrey residents suffer frequent earthquakes near fossil fuel exploration sites, illegal levels of air pollution, and increased flooding frequency, SCC continue to pursue policies which bring devastation to the Surrey countryside, and Surrey residents' lives and property. 

Extinction Rebellion Surrey and all our local XR groups will hold Surrey County Council to account. We demand that SCC:

1. Declare a meaningful climate emergency 

and act according to this truth, ensuring all policy decisions pass through a rigorous environmental framework. So far, all SCC actions on climate have been greenwashing. 

2. Divest all pension funds from fossil fuels.

Not only are the world's fossil fuel companies complicit in the deaths of 1000 children per day, but investments in these companies will become stranded as climate breakdown worsens. This will mean a funding crisis for all Surrey services.

3. Implement an immediate ban on fracking and all exploitative oil / gas extraction. 

In 2019, Newdigate, near to the Horse Hill drilling site which SCC granted planning permission for, had the 2nd highest earthquake frequnecy in the UK. It was second only behind Blackpool, the site if Cuadrilla's Preston New Road fracking site.  Livestock in the area have unexplained nosebleeds. Our water sources are at risk of serious contamination. SCC is granting licenses for unconventional drilling, including acidisation - fracking by stealth. Even if this were safe (which all the evidence suggests it is not), it is absolutely incompatible with achieving the goals set by the Paris accord to prevent the potential collapse of civilisation