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XR Guildford uses non-violent direct action to highlight climate breakdown and environmental injustice.

The first step to joining Extinction Rebellion in Surrey is to find a local group, and then to attend one of our meetings. We totally understand it can be nerve wracking to attend your first meeting - we've all been in your shoes! But even more so now with the billionaire media labelling us crusties and hippies. 

The truth is we all just normal Surrey residents who refuse to sit by quietly whilst global governments allow - and even subsidise - fossil fuel companies to destroy our planet and our future. This however, is an inconvenient truth for a government and media hellbent on maintaining the status quo to preserve their wealth and power - no matter what the cost to life.

Just take the plunge and find out for yourself!

what does extinction rebellion guildford do? 

Extinction Rebellion Guildford works at the community, county, and national level in the fight against the climate and ecological crisis. 

Our efforts at the local level focus on how we can make Guildford a sustainable borough, and improve the health and happiness of local residents and their environment. You can learn about our objectives on the Surrey level in about us.


At national level we come together with other local groups to participate in mass civil disobedience, in an effort to ensure the UK government acts to prevent catastrophic ecological breakdown


See below for the different roles you can help with in XR Guildford.

past actions

groups from across Surrey attend the SCC pension fund meeting

how to get involved with extinction rebellion in Surrey

There are loads of ways to get involved with extinction rebellion Guildford, or with the national movement.

We need support of all kinds, even if you can't get involved with direct actions and protesting there are plenty of roles to fill, from media and arts, to being a wellbeing officer or a legal observer. 

At our meetings we will introduce you to the core principles of XR, why we feel the need to put our bodies in the way of environmental injustice, and introduce you to the ways we aim to bring about social change. We offer training  for talks & training, direct action, wellbeing and more.