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On Saturday 4th December 2021, Surrey rebels were out and about raising awareness of the dangerous levels of air pollution in Guildford. Our banner "danger! Toxic Air" got a lot of attention, and we had some excellent conversations with residents about the situation. We also distributed hundreds of leaflets. 


Air pollution in Surrey is mostly down to traffic pollution - with SUVs the  second biggest contributor to rising emissions. Nitrogen Dioxide levels are routinely recorded at twice the World Health Organization's safe maximum limit. 


There are plans afoot to add more a lot more housing to the centre of Guildford. at least 300 flats at the old Debenhams site, and another 300 at the site (currently rewilding) on the Portsmouth Road, behind the Cannon pub (see our objections by the planning group here). With such high levels of air pollution, we need to be looking to protect current residents,  and lowering levels, rather than adding housing into an area with dangerous levels of pollution, and with no tangilble plans to address the situation.  


Air pollution is the biggest threat to health globally, and the UK needs to drastically lower its levels to avoid more poor health consequences, but also to protect the environment.  We need Guildford Borough Council to start taking action to reduce levels of traffic in the town. If you would like to help our campaign, please drop us a note via the gmail account -

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