environmental projects in surrey

Extinction Rebellion members are involved in a number of environmental community projects across Surrey. 

As well as our overarching aim of fighting the climate crisis, we are a caring bunch who strive to improve the health of our local ecosystems and ensure Surrey residents stay healthy and happy. 

We can all help to fight climate change on an individual level, and at a community level. Within XR we have a principal of not blaming individuals for their choices. It is the system that needs to change. A system that demands infinite growth and destroys the planets finite resources. 

But individually we can make a difference, be that by cutting how many clothes we buy, or how much meat we eat, or whether it is campaigning in new and creative ways against exploitative drilling in our countryside, or against the senseless waste produced by the plastic industry.

There are tons of ways you can help on a local level on a day to day basis. Each one of these efforts is another win in the war against climate breakdown, and moves us away from the wasteful and senseless consumerism that has become so commonplace most of us don't even notice it anymore.

If you are interested in joining us in any of these projects, or if you have your own ideas and need a volunteer network to help, you will likely find support within XR Guildford. 

Join a local Extinction Rebellion group and meet like-minded people who care about protecting Surrey's natural resources. 

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All of our work is free to use non-commercially in the full spirit of DIY. Do not use the work for commercial purposes, however well meaning, without prior consent from the originators. The Extinction Symbol was designed prior to Extinction Rebellion. Using the symbol on commercial merchandise is strictly forbidden. For more information visit www.extinctionsymbol.info.