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14th - 16th October 2022

We are working on a plan that sees Extinction Rebellion growing in numbers and building momentum towards Spring 2023. On October 14-16 will be the next step in that journey. We will come together in London for a long weekend of action, outreach, music, talks and trainings, and loads more. 

October 14 – Action at Downing Street

October will be a month of mass disruption from a cross section of movements and on October 14th Extinction Rebellion will take the action to Downing Street. Meet at Trafalgar Square at 12pm and stand with thousands of others to show this corrupt, unelected government that we refuse to be pushed around.

We will stay there together until 6pm, irrespective of the police response. 

BRING your energy bills! Bring your messages of hope, love and rage against spiralling costs and the destruction of the planet!


Let us know you’re coming here.

For More information please visit the main XR page here: 


Welcome to extinction rebellion guildford

Hello and welcome to Extinction Rebellion Guildford, We are a group of like minded and caring individuals coming from all walks of life with the aim to help protect our planet. Over the last few years our government and many of our newspapers have tried to tarnish us and this goal, unbelievably so. Our message is simple, that we need to listen to the scientists, to wake up to the harm we have been causing to our planet, and we need to start doing something about it.


If it's your first time here then we're very happy you've found us.  Please take some time to have a look over our website, see what we do, what values we hold, and think how you may like to get involved in. There's a role for everyone, even if it's just coming to have a look. 

We currently have meetings via Zoom or in person at ZERO in Guildford. To see what we are up to, the best way is to sign up for our weekly newsletter via our mailing list.

XR Guildford

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