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Extinction symbol used by Extinction Rebellion Guildford


1. TELL THE TRUTH - the government must declare a climate emergency, and act according to this truth, by reframing all future policy decision to be appropriate to the emergency we find ourselves in.  

2. ACT NOW - to ensure that the UK is carbon neutral by 2025. This is a very difficult task. The alternative is extinction of almost all life on earth and collapse of human civilisation.  

3. instruct CITIZENS ASSEMBLIES - after 30 years of inaction, it is clear governments have failed us. We therefore demand that citizens assemblies be formed so that we as the public can decide how to tackle the climate emergency, and so that we can ensure the UK government finally starts acting in the best interests of those they are elected to serve. 

We are in a climate and ecological emergency. The United Nations has declared that we have as little as 10 years before we pass the point at which climate breakdown becomes irreversible - if we don't act immediately.

Once we pass this tipping point, there is no return. The food supplies that we rely on, the land that we farm and live on, the air that we breathe, and the water that we drink are all under threat. 

This existential crisis threatens every man, woman, and child on the planet. Yet rather than protect the people they were elected to serve, politicians cave to the pressure of lobbyists and corporations, granting licenses for further oil exploration, approving plans for airport expansion, and failing to enforce legally binding limits on air pollution.

Our governments have failed to uphold our fundamental right for a secure future on this planet. 

Rather than allowing a few billionaires to become immeasurably richer whilst the world hurtles toward destruction, our governments must stand up for humanity and make the necessary changes to ensure the survival of not just our species, but of all life on earth.

Extinction Rebellion will no longer tolerate government inaction. 


The future of our planet, the future of our children, and the lives of our brothers and sisters in the global south are under threat. 


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