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guildford borough council declares a climate emergency

23rd July 2019

This evening Guildford Borough council unanimously passed a motion to declare a climate emergency. The motion sets a target for Guildford to reach carbon neutrality by 2030. 

It is a good platform to build from. The council and the community must now work together in making immediate strides toward this goal, and whilst difficult, it must be everyone's intention to reach net zero as soon as possible. 

The new council, which moved to no overall control this year, has already initiated some schemes toward this, which we welcome. We must now ensure that every policy decision that is made, is pushed through a framework designed to meet reaching net zero before the goal. 

There are massive challenges ahead. But Guildford, and Surrey, as a rich part of the country, must lead in this fight. We must do more than our fair share to compensate for the less wealthy areas that cannot reach this target so easily. This may sound uncomfortable to some, but nobody can escape the devestating effects of food shortage and overpopulation that the UK is absolutely certain to suffer if we do not act. It is not only our moral obligation, but in everyone's self interest to protect themselves and their children from this threat.

Young Extinction Rebellion protestors call on Guildford Borough Council to declare a climate emergency

Some young climate change campaigners with the GBC councillor who seconded the climate emergency motion

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