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I am writing to ask you to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill). The current UK government plan falls far short of what is required to meet our Paris commitments. The latest report from the Climate Change Committee (CCC), which advises the UK Government, points out that we are not on track for the current target of net zero emissions by 2050 and says, “policy implementation has not yet met the required ambition”. The CEE Bill is an ideal opportunity for the UK to take a lead on the world stage, especially with the COP26 conference planned for next year.


As the bill recommends, the current UK plans for CO2 need to include emissions from aviation, shipping and the CO2 used to manufacture imported goods. Together these represent 47% of our ;real CO2 emissions.


The CEE bill: 


- Introduces a fair way of measuring our total CO2 emissions

- Protects the UK’s ecosystems, with a focus on biodiversity, soils and natural carbon sinks


- Avoids reliance on technologies for carbon capture which are yet to be invented


- Mitigates the damage to nature caused by supply chains, domestically and internationally


- Accounts for the UK’s ecological footprint


The changes we need to make are far reaching and will go against what we have become accustomed to in the last 40 years: cheap air travel, single use products and heavy reliance on cheap imported goods.


This doesn’t mean making regressive steps but changing our priorities. We have a duty as citizens, as does the government, to leave this country in a fit state for the next generations to prosper.


I would urge you to give this Bill your full support


Yours sincerely

xr guildford

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