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This newsletter comes with a heavy heart following the planning approval this morning by Surrey County Council to allow 3,500 barrels of oil per day to be extracted from our countryside.

The incongruance between the council declaring a climate emergency (a mere 8 weeks ago) before granting licenses to allow further fossil fuel extraction is staggering. 

It's pretty clear that our council is delivering nothing other than empty words on the climate crisis. 

Every blow like this is a reminder of how much work is left to do. Of how deeply entrenched we are in a system that is designed to keep exploiting our natural resources and our ecosystems no matter what the cost. 


If nothing else, this confirms the wilful neglect by the council of Surrey resident's right to clean air, clean drinking water, and a secure future in favour of quick profit off the back off climate criminals. The council has shown its hand, and by doing so has exposed its true motives to the coommunity.

We have no choice but to dust ourselves off and go again. 


With that, (probably best to ignore the irony of what you're about to read), this week sees the deadline for submissions to SCC's Green Task Force for ideas on how to make a 'Greener, Cleaner, Surrey'. The more solid suggestions we have in - with evidence - the harder it is for them to keep ignoring the drive toward genuine change. 


Please take a few minutes out of your day to return a few submissions, either your own if you have some, or from this handy crib sheet drawn from group discussions of Surrey residents. It looks long!! But that's because all the evidence points are listed to make your life easy. 


Picture the sort of community you would like to live in, and then put forward the changes you think can deliver this. 


All the info you need is on this sheet  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l59psh_LaJDjNiBInYPXd7Cvkogtt41q8gjD7psuHPk/edit?usp=sharing


Tomorrow's meeting (12th Sept) will be at 7pm, at St Nicholas Parish Church. See you all tomorrow lovely people. Keep those chins up.  xx

xr guildford

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