extinction rebellion guildford newsletter 19th August 2019: Then they fight you....

We are unquestionably at stage 3. The institutions and elites who are willing to destroy the planet and let millions of people die for the sake of profit are coming out swinging. 


9% of crimes in the UK typically end up with suspects being charged. Yet the police, under pressure from the government, are pushing for 100% charge rate on Extinction Rebellion members peacefully exercising their democratic right to protest. 


Millionaires who have whipped up resentment and division in the country are now publicly attacking children and young adults who speak out on government inaction and strike for their futures. 

Think tanks funded by far right dark money label XR as extremists.
Ask yourself this: What is extreme about sitting peacefully in a road to demand a safe future for your children and younger generations? 

These attacks might be laughable, they might be maddening, but they are proof that we are winning. We are shifting the public consciousness to ensure climate breakdown stays at the top of the political agenda. 

More dirt will be slung at us. The police may crack down harder. But  we have the momentum going into the October Rebellion. The media, government, and elites will escalate because their power is under genuine threat, and because we have the moral high ground. 


October may be our best chance to achieve our goals. In April we had the system at breaking point, with just 5000 of us. In October there may be 15,000, maybe even 20 or 30,000. They have the power, but we have the numbers, and if we can overwhelm the system they simply cannot arrest and charge us all. They will be forced to act to protect British and global citizens from a bleak future that 'business as usual'  is certain to bring.


 If you are not the 1%, if you do not make money from oil & gas, if you care about climate justice, racial equality, social justice, now is the time to act. ALL of these things are inextricably linked to a system that funnels wealth upwards at all costs, both to our fellow human beings and to the planet.Now is the time to ask yourself some hard questions, to start planning, preparing, and deciding how you personally can have maximum impact in the Rebellion.


Think on it for a minute. 

rebels rising

The provisional line-up for Rebels Rising is out. There'll be training for the Rebellion on both days, including NVDA, inductions, and Arrestee Support.


 All of these will also be put on in the XR Families section (some by Guildford crew), so bring the kids and make a weekend of it.


Lots of us are going down, plus it's a great chance to meet members from other Surrey groups before we shut down London in October. 

As part of the run up to the Global Strike and the Autumn Rebellion, XR is working hard to gain support for a Movement Of Movements, by encouraging trade unions and industry bodies to show solidarity with Youth Strike 4 Climate, the UK Student Climate Network, and XR. 

We are all fighting for the same thing - the future of our planet, and so lots of us in XR are working tirelessly to generate support for other movements. 

the film industry strikes back


It's a double header this week, with our climate café on Thursday afternoon. If you can't make evenings please come along! It would be great if you can let us know before hand. 

Thursday 22nd: 2pm V Cafe Guildford Institute - XR Café - find out how you can tackle the climate crisis from home if you can't make meeting. There is a lift for anyone with accessibility issues. 

Thursday 22nd: 7pm St Nicholas Church, Bury St - Weekly meeting & Induction. We have another induction for newer members to discuss climate change, XR principles, and how we plan to achieve our goals, held alongside our regular meeting which will be Rebellion planning, as well as a wellbeing open space session in which we can air some of our worries with other people feeling the same emotions. 

See you all Thursday. 

Love & Rage
XR Guildford 

xr guildford

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