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Keep tabs on the whiteboard to see what's up with Extinction Rebellion Guildford. For more details on specific events see XR Guildford Events page. 

Use your voice: 4th Nov: Boiler Room, 7pm. 

election strategy meeting: 7th Nov: Old Gym,County School, 6pm. 

xr guildford weekly meeting: 7th Nov: Old Gym,County School, 7-9pm. 

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the world we made (play): 8th Nov: Uni Of Surrey, Theatre, 7.30pm. 

!!global strike!!: 29th Nov: High St, Guildford, 11am. 

Sleep out in solidarity: 29th Nov: Spectrum, Guildford, 9pm until morning. 

barclays: 9th Nov: 

ACTIONS CO-ORDINATOR: We are looking for a new actions co-ordinator. 

Barclays finance the fossil fuel industry over £22bn a year to destroy the planet. Stand up to climate criminals.

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All of our work is free to use non-commercially in the full spirit of DIY. Do not use the work for commercial purposes, however well meaning, without prior consent from the originators. The Extinction Symbol was designed prior to Extinction Rebellion. Using the symbol on commercial merchandise is strictly forbidden. For more information visit www.extinctionsymbol.info.