extinction rebellion guildford newsletter: 12th August 2019

The Rebellion is growing rapidly, with new groups springing up everywhere and thousands of new members joining our call for government action on climate breakdown.

This is YOUR Rebellion. Every rebel needs to bring ideas to the table. To bring new members into the fold. And to envision the future you hope to achieve, and do all you can to build that vision. This is a  difficult path to tread. We face powerful opponents. We need to bring everything we've got. And we need to stay united.


To maintain our alignment in our vision for a better future, local groups have been strategising on the direction the Rebellion should take in the next 12 months.Last week XR Guildford held 3 people's assemblies for members to voice their thoughts on an overall strategy for XR and a local strategy. We then put all our ideas into a single strategy to feedback to XR UK, who will put all local group feedback together to develop a coherent nationwide strategy.


Unlike Guildford borough's 15-years-in-the-making local plan, XR Guildford's local plan is already explosively underway!!  Proof that genuine democracy is the path to decisive action. Outreach will play a big part in our strategy moving forward.


We need all hands on deck, especially for the next two months before the Rebellion. We had an outreach group at Surrey Pride on Saturday, they did a great job and really enjoyed it. Getting out and communicating face to face is essential to the cause, and it can do wonders for your confidence in public interaction. Remember this....

4. we openly challenge ourselves and our toxic system

Leaving our comfort zones to take action for change

Talking to people might seem a bit scary. But all of us need to step outside our comforts zones if we hope to tackle this crisis. Please put your hand up and join us for some outreach at least once in the next few weeks. 


On October 7th XR Guildford will take to the streets of London, with thousands of other members from across the country, to send our strongest message yet to the British Government that they are failing in their duty to uphold our fundamental rights to a secure future. 


Planning is well under way. We will join with fellow groups from Surrey and the South East to hold a site, and we will plan our own actions during the Rebellion.

In April we shut down 5 key London sites, and succeeded in putting the climate crisis firmly into the headlines. Most groups feel that actions during the October Rebellion should focus on demonstrating to the wider public that we aren't there to disrupt their daily lives. We are there to force an appropriate government response to an existential threat. The consensus is therefore that actions should focus on the government, the media who misrepresent the crisis, and the elites who continue to fight against climate mitigation laws to protect their wealth and power at the expense of the people dying due to climate change. 

Your ideas are not just welcomed, they are essential, we need everyone thinking about how to succeed. There is no reason that you can't be the one who sparks a plan that finally forces the UK government into action. 


Part of the strategy that emerged from Thursday for growth before the Rebellion and into the future is to help with spreading local groups throughout Surrey. A group in Woking is already underway, with Guildford and Godalming helping residents in Woking to get off the ground. There will be an induction for XR Woking on 28th August at Christ Church, and Heading For Extinctiontalk 17th Sept at WWF Living Planet Centre. 

We are also in the early stages of finding people to help set up groups and talks in Walton/Weybridge/Hersham area, as well as the Staines area. We're getting a lot of positive responses, so if you can help in any way and would like to get involved in some outreach pls email us and we'll chat about how you can help. 


The South East regional festival is fast approaching, and it's looking awesome. There are some cracking speakers on the agenda, including MP Caroline Lucas, and some brilliant entertainment on the bill. 


It's 14/15th September, loads of us will be going, some will be camping, all will be having a good time. Amongst all the fun will be training , including non-violent direct action training in prep for the next rebellion. There's also an XR Families section, so little rebels are welcome. 


In Thursday's meeting we gave a shout out for anyone who could take on more jobs, however small. Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered to do something. We still have tons of things that need doing. If there is something you particularly want to get involved with please let us know! All suggestions welcome. Even if you can't make regular meetings you can become a remote rebel and contribute from home. 


Aside from Rebels Rising we have loads of events coming up, including an XR cafe for people who  struggle with Thursday evenings, our summer barbecue (meat free), the Global Strike etc. You can find a timeline of events on the website http://www.xrguildford.org/events


This week's meeting will be Thursday 15th, 7pm at the Quaker House

Next week, the 22nd, we will be at St Nicholas by Millmead.  

The short video below reminds us of the importance of nature in fighting climate breakdown. Our community projects will look to make a positive impact on the local environment. We're poised to convert some of your great ideas into action. If you haven't yet been to a meeting please come along and find out how you can help.  

And for regulars, make your homework for the week bringing one new person on Thursday!

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