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Extinction Rebellion Guildford butterfly logo representing the ecological crisis and decline of pollinators

Extinction Rebellion Youth is an arm of XR run by and for young people in the fight against government inaction on the climate emergency. 

We, more than anyone, are the ones who will suffer the devastating effects of climate breakdown. Despite the pleas of young generations, the UK government has repeatedly prioritised the profits of corporations over young peoples' fundamental right for a secure future.

Instead of hearing our demands and acting on climate change, the government is instead trying to silence us. Last week in London police arrested a 14 and a 17 year old protesting over the immeasurable risks to their future. 

Whilst the government prosecutes children and young adults for simply demanding the protection of their rights, the UK continues to provide £10.5 billion in subsidies to fossil fuel companies every year. They are paying the very companies that are destroying our chance of a future. 

They have left us no choice other than to rebel against their inaction. At a time when we should be enjoying ourselves, focusing on school and friendship, and learning about life, we are instead being forced onto the street to fight for our own survival. 

We live in a scary time. It's terrifying to acknowledge the full extent of climate breakdown. It's scary to stand up against the government when the fight is so weighted on one side. Scary to lie down in the road and not move when the police or security guards are telling you to. 

But we no longer have a choice. We have 11 years before climate breakdown becomes irreversible, and this in reality means 18 months to actually act at an appropriate level. Our governments are not responding with anywhere near the urgency needed.  This is why XR Youth feels it necessary to demand change that ensures the security of future generations.  

Extinction Rebellion Youth is open to anyone born after 1990. As long as you abide by our 10 core principles anyone can take direct action in the name of Extinction Rebellion.

Please fill in the form on this page to join XR Youth in Surrey. Stand with us in the fight for our future. 

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